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Broadband Service Agreement

The following terms and conditions govern Coastal Telco Services’ (“CTS”) provision of Broadband

Service to the company or individual ("Customer") as described on the Service Application. In addition,

all terms and conditions set forth in “Coastal Telco Services’ Terms and Conditions for Service” apply to

Broadband Service accounts. CTS Broadband Service may be marketed under the name “O.P.E.N” or

“Optical Premise Ethernet Network”.



Customer shall not resell or redistribute any portion of this access to a third party without prior

permission from Coastal Telco Services.


E-mail Accounts

Broadband Service includes five e-mail accounts. Additional e-mail accounts are $5.00 per month each.


IP Addresses

Broadband customers will receive one automatically assigned IPv4 address. If a static IPv4 address or

more than one address is needed, please contact Coastal Telco Services.



The Internet is a shared resource among customers. Because of this, there is a risk that the Customer

could be subject to a variety of security breaches, including but not limited to eavesdropping and denial of

service attacks. Other people may be able to access, monitor and/or tamper with Customer’s files, data or

other traffic sent or received using this Broadband connection, and/or negatively affect Customer's ability

to use this service. Any information sent by Customer over the CTS network is sent at Customer’s sole

risk and CTS shall have no liability whatsoever for any claims, losses, actions, damages, suits or

proceedings arising out of or otherwise relating to such actions by Customer.


Charges for Broadband Service

Initialization Fee: 1 year contract $100.00*

*If Broadband service is cancelled within one year a $99.00 fee will be billed to your


Monthly Rates: The rates for Broadband service are contained within your Service Application.

Additional E-mail accounts: $5.00 per month per account.

Reactivation Charge for Non-Payment: $25.00

A reactivation charge will be required to reactivate any disabled account, whether cancellation is initiated

by Customer or by CTS for non-payment or any other breach of this Agreement or policy in this

Agreement. This reactivation charge is in addition to any outstanding charges for Broadband internet


Broadband internet access is typically provided by CTS in conjunction with your local telephone company

service. CTS bills you for internet access, while your telephone company bills separately for telephone

service. Disconnection of your local telephone service will disable your Broadband Internet

connection. Removal or termination of your local telephone service will terminate your

Broadband service.


Customer-Supplied Equipment

The customer shall supply computer & communications equipment that meets or exceeds the following


PC Compatible Systems:

Interface: twisted pair Ethernet Network Interface Card

Operating System: XP, Vista, 7, 8

Macintosh Systems:

Interface: twisted pair Ethernet Network Interface Card

Operating System: Mac OS X

Optional Router:

A customer provided router must include a WAN interface that is Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps compliant.

This includes the majority of wireless and wired routers available on the market.


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