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Three ways O.P.E.N. fiber internet can help your business.


faster data backups

Know your data is safe–without staying late.

  • 90% of businesses without a disaster recovery plan will fail after a disaster
  • 184 million ransomware attacks in 2017
  • Hardware failures cause around 45% of total unplanned downtime
  • Off-site backups are critical to any disaster recovery plan
  • O.P.E.N. has upload speeds twice as fast as the cable company so your backups can stay up-to-date


Connect seamlessly

Stream live content to your fans without hiccups.

  • Making your own content is the #1 way to improve your visibility online. More views = more sales!
  • Our basic plans offer uploads at least twice as fast as the cable company, meaning you can go live without expecting technical difficulties. 
  • Produce a lot? Fiber can scale up to a gigabit, with even greater potential in the near term future. Fiber is the last line you’ll ever have to run for internet.


Collaborate instantly

Work with the best people, wherever they are.

  • The best talent to help grow your business isn’t always right next door, especially in a competitive labor market.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth and the lowest latency makes remote workers feel like they’re in the office next door, not on the other side of the world.
  • Connectivity you can count on. Our 100% Maine-based staff understands how important your business is, not just for you, but to our shared community.

About us

  • The “LTC Family of Companies” is a family owned Maine business.
  • We own and maintain thousands of miles of phone and fiber optic broadband lines in Maine. Our 50 employees are headquartered in Nobleboro, Maine where we provide: Secure Servers; Digital Switching Hubs; VOIP Soft-switch systems & hosted PBX; Engineering & System Design Department; Network Monitoring Services; a Technical Support Division; and a Customer Service Center
  • LCI Fiber Optic Network is the largest provider of “fiber to the premises” service (FTTP) in all of Coastal Maine
Tidewater Telecom is a member of the LTC Family of Companies.
Shirley Manning
President & Owner
Cathy Pelletier
VP Administration
Randal Manning
VP Engineering and Operations
Rick Manning
VP Engineering and Business Development

Contact us

Tidewater Telecom Customer Service Unit:

Phone: (207) 563-9911 or (207) 785-9911
or toll free: (844) 763-9900

133 Back Meadow Rd
Nobleboro, ME 04555


Hours: 7:30AM – 4:00PM Mon – Fri

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Tidewater Telecom Tech Support Unit:

Phone & TV

Phone: (207) 563-9931 or (207) 785-9931


Phone: (207) 563-5018 or (207) 785-5018


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