Robocalling 101

What are robocalls?

A robocall is a telephone call that is automatically initiated by a computer instead of being dialed by a person.

What is call spoofing?

In technology, devices are required to identify themselves in order to communicate. Spoofing refers to the act of a device identifying itself as another device. Call spoofing refers to an incoming call identifying itself as a different phone number than from where the call originated.

Are there legitimate uses of robocalls and call spoofing?

Yes to both. Robocalls are commonly used for appointment reminders, polling, weather alerts, and many other legitimate uses. Call spoofing is frequently used by businesses to display a common contact phone number when employees are placing outbound calls.

What is Tidewater Telecom doing about unwanted robocalls?

Tidewater Telecom is currently preparing to implement the regulatory requirements that will go into effect in 2022.

What can I do about robocalling?

As we prepare for the 2022 regulations, there are still some actions you can take. Reporting numbers associated with unwanted calls to the FTC can help track the problem while call-blocking devices are an immediate option that can help silence unwanted calls.

Where can I add my phone number to the Do Not Call Registry?

You can use the following link to verify/add your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry:

Where can I learn more?

The FTC has a page dedicated to providing information about unwanted robocalls and another where you can report numbers that you have received calls from.

Another resource is USTelecom, who has information to protect yourself from illegal robocalls.